Medinoxx Deblister Machine

BlisterMaxx is an inexpensive tool which increases productivity and satisfaction throughout the medication management.

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About BlisterMaxx

Deblistering pharmaceuticals by hand is a slow and tedious process which can lead to serious health problems including repetitive strain injury syndrome (RSI-syndrome). BlisterMaxx eliminates these risks. The BlisterMaxx is a simple, compact deblistering tool for pharmaceuticals which require little preparation. With BlisterMaxx, one can quickly process the required number of pharmaceuticals using the simple yet effective and ergonomic sliding mechanism, reducing the time taken drastically. Switching between pharmaceuticals of different varieties and sizes requires only minor adjustments and can be done quickly without having to use tools. Furthermore, the portable device takes up little space in the working area.

Why Blistermaxx
More Time
The required time is reduced by up to half compared to manual deblistering.
Reduced Cost
Increase the efficiency of your handling team and ultimately process more prescriptions per day.
Happy Staff
Increase employee satisfaction by ending labour-intensive manual deblistering.
Why Blistermaxx is Unique
Process the perfect number of pills using the smooth, sliding action that gives you full control.
Ergonomically designed handle that requires no downward pressure.
Simple and quick settings enable you to process a wide range of differently sized medication.
Rubber feet keep the BlisterMaxx steady and anchored to the bench.
Removable pill tray catches the deblistered medication, making it easy to fill robot cartridges or pack directly.
Specifications for Blistermaxx
  • Operation mode Manual
  • Capacity Up to 250 patients daily
  • Max. dimensions of blister packs no limit L: 300 mm
  • Blister type Most blister packs including Alu/Alu, PVC/foil and child resistant
  • Throughput More than 15 blister packs per minute
  • Format change-over Less than a minute for regularly spaced blisters

Increase Productivity and Satisfaction

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