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Medication rethought - with our system, solid and liquid medications can be cup-sealed in one tray for the first time.


Dispense Solids and Liquids

The Medinoxx Medication Management - with which solid and liquid medicines can be blistered for the first time - stands for simple, safe and time-saving medication dispensing. In addition to liquids, problematic medications such as moisture-sensitive effervescent tablets or soft gelatine capsules that tend to stick can also be blistered. This means that the quota of possible blistered drugs can be increased to over 90%.

Quality first

During development, special attention was already paid to quality, as confirmed by random tests carried out successfully by the ZL (Zentrallaboratorium Deutscher Apotheker e.V.). The detailed reports can be found in our download area. All components of the system are produced in Germany and Austria using the most modern manufacturing methods. In the Medinoxx manufacturing plants, production is carried out exclusively according to the highest quality standards (DIN EN ISO 15378 standard for primary packaging materials, as well as the guideline of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists in Germany "Testing and storage of primary packaging materials").

Quick change of medication through patented Cups

A particular challenge is the fast and safe change of medication, which could only be implemented inadequately with previous medication management systems. The patented cups from Medinoxx have a hinge function and can therefore be easily opened and closed again. This means that medication can be changed smoothly at any time. To protect against possible manipulation, a grid film also indicates whether the tray/cup has already been opened.


For a long time, the automation of the filling process was reserved for pouch blister systems. Medinoxx now also offers a possibility to fill the Medi-Trays automatically. This combines both system advantages: the safety during filling through automation as well as all the advantages of a modern medication management during medication dispensing. Your staff is relieved, which allows a fast increase of the supplied customers.
Medinoxx and the Celia® blister robot in a video.

The System Components

Sustainable and environmentally friendly thanks to reusable trays

In the context of sustainability and environmental protection for future generations, careful handling of raw materials is of particular importance. Following this credo, the new medication management system was developed. Medinoxx is the first and only system that uses stable and reusable trays. The Medi cups are made of single-variety plastics and can easily be fed into the recycling cycle. In comparison to similar medication management systems, up to 95% of the plastic waste can be avoided within a period of 3 years.

Even more comfort with the Medinoxx
Medicine Administration Equipment

In addition to our system components, we offer specially manufactured and matched administration equipment. Our medication trolleys are perfectly suited for safe storage and distribution of patient-specific medication and can be equipped with high-quality add-ons.

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