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Time saving, relief of staff and high safety in medication dispensing with the Medinoxx sealed-cup system.


Medication Rethought

In contrast to the dosettes, card and pouches systems sold up to now, our system allows for the first time solid and liquid drugs to be dispensed in one tray. This eliminates the time-consuming and separate administration of liquid drugs, the time saved can be used for other tasks and the nursing staff is relieved.

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Perfect Cooperation
with Pharmacies supplying Hospitals

As part of drug therapy, the pharmacy that supplies the clinic can specifically support the wards in order to save time. The hospital pharmacy sets the medication for each patient in advance, checks the medication and thus dispenses the appropriate trays per patient to the wards. Regular documentation ensures that all obligations in drug therapy are met and dispensing for a large number of patients can be implemented very effectively.

discharge and transitional planning

Patients who have prescribed medication or prescriptions for up to seven days receive the appropriate support with a sufficient number of sealed trays. This helps to prevent the potential so-called “revolving door effect” as well as short-term rehospitalizations that can damage the hospital.

Our Quality
Your Safety

During the development of the Medinoxx Medication Management system, special attention was paid to pharmaceutical quality. For verification, we have aquired certification through many testing methodologies. In addition, all components of the sealed-cup system are manufactured in Germany and Austria using state-of-the-art production methods.


Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is the Medinoxx Medication Management system suitable?

In general, the blister system is suitable for all applications in long-term therapy. Therefore it is primarily used in nursing homes and retirement homes. Another increasingly important area is the care of outpatients in their home environment. Due to new medicine regulations, the care in the clinic (e.g. liquids, discharge medication) is becoming more and more important.

Are there qualitative differences in medication management systems?

Compared to other systems, the Medinoxx sealed-cup system can be used to dispense both solid and liquid drugs.  The stability of the drugs was successfully tested by the Central Laboratory of German Pharmacists on a random basis for a period of up to 4 weeks. We would be pleased to provide you with the detailed examination reports of the Laboratory.

How does the Medinoxx Medication Management system work?

The advantage of this system is that the delivered cups also serve as intake cups and therefore an unhygienic transfer in the care facility is not necessary.

Is the medication management system suitable for all medicines?

The Medinoxx system can be used to blister-pack up to 90% of all required medications. In addition to the important liquids, this includes medications with special problems such as moisture-sensitive effervescent tablets or soft gelatine capsules that tend to stick. With conventional blister systems, a maximum of 50 - 60% of the required drugs can be blistered.

How many drugs fit in a Medi-Cup?

This depends both on the software and the size of the Medi-Cup. Usually, up to 9 medicine labels can be printed on a cup. But with the appropriate size also up to 16 medicines can be filled in.

How can I identify packed drugs?

The drugs can be identified by means of the enclosed medication plan on which the packed drugs are shown. The size of the medi-cups ensures easy identification.

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