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Already during the development of the Medinoxx Medication Management system, attention was paid to both the highest quality and the use of resource-saving and recyclable products. With the Eco-Circle sustainability concept, we are now going one step further:

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reduce – reuse – recycle
In line with the credo "reduce - reuse - recycle", Medinoxx has been radically committed to avoiding waste from the very beginning by using only reusable trays. The modular design of the system, in which only the components that are actually needed are used, ensures efficient use of resources. In addition, the recyclability of the materials used was taken into account from the very beginning.

With the Medinoxx Eco-Circle sustainability system disposable components of the blister system are now also fed into a closed recycling loop and reused directly in the system.
Medinoxx takes back the single-use patient cups, the Medi-Cups, from the nursing and senior care facilities, recovers them and reprocesses them. The recycled plastic is then reused to produce long-lasting Medi-Trays.
In this "cup-to-tray" cycle, short-lived cups that are used in the facility for an average of 1 week are thus turned into long-lasting Medi-Trays that are used for an average of 7-10 years.

With the Eco-Circle project, Medinoxx will in future transfer 80% of its plastic waste into a closed cycle and generate an absolute minimum of waste. Furthermore, this will save up to 60 tonnes of CO2 annually. This enables facilities to dispense medicines in a way that is almost entirely climate-friendly. Not only for future generations.

Longer product lifetime

Plastic waste in a closed cycle

CO2 reduction annually

Another project under the Medinoxx eco-circle brand is the "cup-to-travelcase" cycle. Not only trays are made from recycled Medi-Cups, but also the newly developed Medinoxx Travel-Cases.
Climate Neutral Company
Medinoxx is also proud to be certified as a climate neutral company since 2021 and to offset its CO2 footprint with contributions to projects to improve the economic, social and ecological situation. This provides additional support for the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For present and future generations.

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