30. March 2020

Hygienically, the safest solution

Corona-Virus challenges nursing and retirement homes


The current prevailing virus dangers present additional challenges in many walks of life. The groups in society which are most at risk need to be more cautious than ever. The risk of infection must therefore be minimized in nursing homes, retirement homes and other institutions.
The Medinoxx sealed-cup system was developed to ensure patient safety at point of treatment:

  • Hygienically safe conditions: All medication is packed by a qualified pharmacist on site.
  • No risk of contamination: All medication is sealed into the cups, no cross contamination, a system certified by the Central Laboratory of German Pharmacists.
  • A closed system. No re-packaging: Residents and patients consume solid and liquid medication directly from the cup.
  • Safe supply of liquid drugs: The medicine is already packed in the right dosage. Less contact between nurse and patient.
  • Medication supplied for many weeks in advance: We can supply medication for up to 4 weeks in advance. The stability of the medication in the Medinoxx cup is guaranteed, which reduces direct contact with the care facility.
  • Safe disposal: Medinoxx Cups as effectively primary packaging must be disposed of safely, spreading of germs/viruses is avoided. We use only high-quality medical grade plastic, 99% of which is recycled.

Trust in the highest quality Medinoxx Medication Management System and avoid unnecessary security risks!